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Our vision

Feathers & Lashes is a beauty agency that wants to reflect today’s society and emphasize the importance of sharing. We love to offer opportunities and transfer our knowledge in the beauty industry  to them who want to learn. We want to help women grow and take away the restrictions they might encounter in their lives.

Involvement  and integrity are of most  importance to our agency. We do not value success if we could not share this with our community. We are passionate about all the different aspects of beauty and we would love to kindle your inner creativity and hunger for new chances in life!

Together we can reach the unthinkable

Our agency  wants to make a commitment to women who need to have new opportunities on the labor market. We strive to support the women of 2017: Those who stand their ground, have strong matching values and want to achieve independency in the beauty & business world.

We will reach these goals by offering training and education. We would love to guide these motivated women through the whole learning process, with or without the support of the commune.

Work that stands out from the crowd

Ik ben liever waardevol dan succesvol.


Laat je werk een weerspiegeling zijn van wie je bent en waar je voor staat.


Gebruik social media niet om indruk te maken: gebruik het om een impact te hebben.


Kennis is macht


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