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Bridal styling

Bridal Styling

Your wedding day is probably going to be the most memorable day in your life. On this day you want to look as the best version of yourself. Our professional team of bridal arrangement experts can help you accomplish that.

We can arrange your whole look for you or just a small part of it. Together we’ll decide what your needs are and see how we can assist you on this special day. Of course we only work with the best professionals in the area so we can guarantee the most beautiful look possible. We offer different bridal arrangements where we provide a complete package for your look. It’s also possible to just hire a makeup artist, a hair stylist or an assistant for during the wedding. You don’t need to book the whole package: it’s all up to you and your needs. After all, the wedding is your day and we want it to be perfect. Together we’ll make sure you will look absolutely amazing.

Do you want to know more about our view on your look for your wedding? Please share your wishes with us and we will come up with a custom made proposal tailored to your desires. 




  • Try-out make-up
  • Try-out hairstyling
  • Hair & make-up wedding day


  • Try-out make-up
  • Try-out hairstyling
  • Hair & make-up wedding day
  • Glamour look mother


  • Try-out make-up
  • Try-out hairstyling
  • Stand-by wedding day
  • Hair & make-up wedding
  • Make-up styling mother/mother in law


  • Bridal hairstyling
  • Bridal make-up styling
  • Bridesmaids hairstyling
  • Bridesmaids make-up styling
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